We Still Have Sunrise…and more!!

We Still Have Sunrise…and more!!

With so many things going on in the world today, it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on the good around us.  The Nautilus has a renovation that is moving along really well because of the vacation rental shutdown.  Centennial Moisture started this project in September and have had to deal with some really bad weather, a lot of guests, but this month, they are able to press forward without worry of disrupting rental operations.  That is one plus, and I will say they did an amazing job trying not to disrupt anything while we had guests!!  We aren’t completely empty, we have three full time residents who are like family and look out for each other….that hasn’t changed.  We have a few long term residents that I’ve gotten to know a little better because they aren’t blending in with the short term rentals.  Then, we have the lone winter guest who is still here.  He is on his third month and is starting to feel like family!

Something else that is a wonderful sight to see….the families spending time together!!  Santa Rosa Blvd runs out front of our condo and I have seen more families walking and cycling the path!  That path is usually only worn by the steady fitness enthusiasts and the winter guests that walk!!  It’s amazing!!!  It looks like we are all taking this time to invest in our families, enjoying the fun that can be had with the kiddos!  That makes my heart feel good.  Sometimes life seems to get so busy that we forget.  I am loving having my college son home and seeing the kind of man his father and I raised.

So, as bad as things are….try to see the silver lining.  We will make it through this and be stronger for it!!

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